Field of activity

Agrow Consult International b.v. substantially focuses on optimization of the growing results in horticulture and agriculture. Within this context, important sectors are the fruit growing and (fruit) tree nursery industries. A part of the advisory activities is dedicated to the maintenance and management of public green and gardens.

Agrow Consult International b.v. is an independent consultancy company. The majority of the activities is executed in The Netherlands and the neighbouring countries. But even outside these countries, activities take place.

Purpose and the way of work

The development and optimization of crop growth, cultivation and business management are the most common main objectives. Important points of interest are: soil (life), soil treatment, nutrition and fertilization, crop health, natural resistance/resilience and crop protection.

Attention and respect to the proprietary character, the people involved to the company and all living beings, are reflecting our method of working.


Henk Kemp is connected to Agrow Consult International b.v. as consultant. In the past 25 years, he has gained a lot of experience as researcher and consultant. During 20 years, he has worked at the Fruit Research Station in The Netherlands (in Wilhelminadorp and Randwijk) as researcher ‘assortment and cultivation’. In those years, as a consultant, he has been involved in projects related to fruit and fruit tree nursery cultivation in other parts of Europe. Since 2009, he has been active as a consultant in arboriculture / tree nursery  (both outdoors and container culture) in The Netherlands and some neighbouring countries.